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Watch: LRG Artist Driven – DABS & MYLA

DABS MYLA DOUBLE FEATURE from LRG Clothing on Vimeo.

Australian duo DABS and MYLA returned to their hometown of Melbourne for their first solo show on native soil in four years back in April. This Artist Driven spotlight sees the couple adding their colorful works to various surfaces in the city – with subtle nods to other Artist Driven artists like TYKE, POSE, KC, CRAOLA and VIZIE added in for good measure – before heading to Metro Gallery for an LRG-sponsored show packed to capacity with people energized to see the installations they had created.

View the photos of the first wall here.

Shot/cut: Jonas Marnell.
Music: Sada Okwsa by Takeshi Terauchi and The Bunnys.
Flood’s New Light by Thee Oh Sees.

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“Mad thanks to LRG CLOTHING, IRONLAK, CRAOLA and TYKE for another great time in Miami for Art Basel this year!!” -Dabs & Myla.

Art Basel 2012: Craola, Tyke Witnes, Dabs, & Myla from LRG on Vimeo.

More info:

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VIZIE | VizCreature video.

VizCreature from LRG on Vimeo.

VIZIE recently took to the cold fall streets of Chicago to feed the beast as part of the ongoing Artist Driven series from LRG. The ominous, yet ferocious black-and-white film noir composition from filmmaker Bankshot captures VIZIE in his natural habitat as he lays his claim to a particular piece of land – chock-full of plenty of animal imagery and signature style from the artist.

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Miami is heating up…

Some up-to-the-minute coverage of this year’s Art Basel festivities in Miami. It looks like a clusterfuck of graffiti excitement, as always. Check out the photos and then kick yourself for not being there, that’s what I’m doing right now. Ganked from Instagram users: @Craola @Dabsmyla @Alynnpaint @Travmsk @Allchrome @Heavylox @Tykewitnesawr @bongggblue @Anthonylister @Gorey @Rawinthepaint @Thecrosbypress @Readthelabel

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