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Ironlak at Art Basel | Miami 2013.

In continuation of the annual festivities in Miami’s Wynwood district for Art Basel, Ironlak Family members TUES, ENUE, KEMS, JURNE, SIRUM, LINZ, EWOK & AUGOR went to check out the action along with writers from all over the globe.

Shot/ cut: Selina Miles.

Young Franco ‘Futurefunk EP.’

To see the other photos shot by Callie Marshall click here.

To see the finals from the Ironlak Family wall this year click here.

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ART BASEL MIAMI | Final Photos.

As all the festivities at Art Basel in Miami are well and truly wrapped up, the time has come for to showcase the finished pieces. Here are some flicks from the Ironlak wall featuring KEMS, LINZ, TUES, ENUE, JURNE, AUGOR, SIRUM, ENUE and EWOK plus special guests YESMA and MAPLE. There’s also a bunch of other walls featuring the FEW & FAR collective, AWE, MAST, STAE2, JICK, FINTAN MAGEE, SCOTT MARSH, CERO, REKA and GRAB.

Many thanks to all that came out to make our stay another memorable one. Till next year.

Click here to see photo sets one, two and three.

Photos: Callie Marshall.

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ART BASEL MIAMI | Slowly wrapping it up.

The festivities at Art Basel in Miami are slowly but surely coming to a close. That said – there’s always time for one last piece and another party.

We copped the last set of flicks from our girl behind the lens at the event, Callie Marshall.

Check back for the final shots and a video before the end of the year.

Click here to see photos from day one and two.

Photos: Callie Marshall.

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ART BASEL MIAMI | It ain’t over.

The Miami experience is always a crazy one during the week of Art Basel. This year is no exception.

We’ve hit a few snags but we’re making the most of it. Here’s some photographs from yesterday’s activities in Wynwood. It ain’t over ’til ‘The Man’ says it is…

Even then it’s never really over.

Stay tuned for more updates. Click here to see the photos from day one.

Photos: Callie Marshall.

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